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My name is Peter Featherstone, I’m a 29 year old Web Developer and I love what I do.

I love web languages such as PHP, SQL, CSS, HTML & jQuery and am also an avid learner of other languages such as C, C++, Perl, Ruby and Python.

Having said this I believe in being language agnostic and learning programming techniques above specific technologies, frameworks or languages.

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Extending the Magento Minimum Order Value Class

If you have ever wanted to create custom rules for the default minimum order value in Magento then here I am going to show you how. In this tutorial we are going to base it on the Customer Group, so members of a particular Customer Group are completely exempt from the minimum order restriction, however…

How to set the default encoding to UTF-8 in NetBeans

If you have ever opened a file directly using NetBeans and the characters aren't displaying correctly or you wish to require all files to be opened in UTF-8 to give you best compatibility then please follow the instructions below: This currently works on all versions tested from 7.0 and up (currently using 8.0.2 at the…

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Maintenance Mode in Laravel Putting your Laravel site into maintenance mode couldn't be easier, simply open up your command line from your root folder and run the following command: php artisan down This will put the site in maintenance mode and display the text "Be Right Back". To bring your site back out of maintenance…

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